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Transformative Outdoors: A Journey to Health and Connection

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Primary Blog/Mens health/Transformative Outdoors: A Journey to Health and Connection

Dancing: Love it or not? Either you can or can't! Dance, with its ritualistic roots, has been tied to natural spirit, rites of passage, or simply losing oneself to rhythmic movements. For me, it was pure enjoyment and, let's be honest, as a 24-year-old guy, an opportunity to meet attractive females with little competition. Dance found me, as people kept asking if I was a dancer. Despite no formal training and never stepping into a studio until age 24, my love for dancing at nightclubs led me to finally heed those questions and try a jazz class in Melbourne's Dance Factory.

Unbeknownst to me, that decision would shape the next 10 years of my life as a dancer. I had just finished a Drama degree, and suddenly, I found myself immersed in a world of 5, 6, 7, 8 counts, pliés, tights, and amusing 'G' strings that felt like a second puberty.

While I enjoyed the industry, touring, dancing on TV, and performing in front of large audiences worldwide, what truly brought me joy was the relationship with movement itself. I explored and understood the vocabulary of my body, learning to feel 'long' despite my 5'8 height, finding my center of balance, and appreciating how every part of movement connects within my body.

This dance training and love for movement made me firmly believe in conscious movement practice and awareness. As I progress through life, I am continuously reminded of movement's significance. Our sedentary lifestyles, glued to our phones, are wreaking havoc on our skeletal systems.

So how do we make people understand the importance of movement? We propose a world without it. We emphasize the struggles of those unable to move and ask them what they miss most. We encourage standing at work, walking during conversations, and incorporating different modes of locomotion in daily life. Movement doesn't have to involve walking on hands or doing splits, but it should include spatial awareness, the ability to pick up a child without straining, and the freedom to walk without pain.

Just like the spirit of dance, we must discover the spirit of movement. Be daring, dance in your living room, stand up at work, walk to school, and do 10 star jumps when ads come on TV. Incorporate movement into your everyday life for the sake of your inner child and your moves on the dance floor.

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Now more than ever men a lonelier than ever. Lost in a world of work, providing for their families and feeling disconnected to a true self purpose. It's more important than ever to find meaning a creating lasting habits and adventures that expand the realm of your possibilities.

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